Documentaries/Multimedia/Sound Recordings

Documentary films:

  • Bulang Music. From the Mountains to the Stars (Director/Author), 2023, 44′.
    • Awarded as ‘Best Documentary’ at the Virgin Spring Cinefest, India, 2023
      • WINNER of the Global Independent Film Festival of India 2023
      • WINNER of the 4th Indian International Short Film Festival 2023
      • Review on the Yearbook for Traditional Music
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  • Cantar l’Ottava (Director/Author), Associazione Multi Culti, video, col., 2016, 20 min.
  • Screened as a world premiere at the 1st Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016.
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  • 2012       Pasos de cumbia, TV series (Scientific Advisor and cameraman), CBRA Films and Cultural Video Foundation.
  • Best TV series “Entertainment and Culture” Premio India Catalina 2016


  • Folk Music Atlas. Vol. 1: Music of Africa (reprint Africa: Atlante della musica tradizionale, 1997), edited by Leonardo D’Amico and Francesco Mizzau, Book+CD-Rom+3 CD-audio. Amharsi, Firenze, 1996.
  • Review on African Music
  • Review on Cahiers de musique traditionnelles
  • 1997    Atlante della Musica Tradizionale: Africa, edited by Leonardo D’Amico and Francesco Mizzau, Amharsi, Firenze  (ISBN 88-87036-00-4). BOOK+CD-ROM+3CDs

Compact Discs:

  • Suoni d’Africa in Italia, FLOG/Materiali Sonori, Arezzo, 2011.
  • Italie – Italy. Voyage MusicalCollection Terres, Auvidis, Paris, 1998.
  • La coralità nell’America Latina.1: canto popolare, Coro De Victoria, Vecchio Mulino, Lucca, 1994.
  • Winds & Strings of Africa, Vol. 1.2, Book & CD-Audio Plus.
  • Voices of Africa, Vol. 1.1, Book & CD-Audio Plus.
  • Drums of Africa, Vol. 1.3, Book & CD-Audio Plus.